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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can help your website to bring it top of search engine results. You can control your manage your return and budget on investment for your campaign.

Our PPC experts have professional experience managing PPC campaigns for any kind of businesses in a wide variety of industries. They have a unique & Individual strategy for managing every kind of campaigns and can help determine the best keywords and ads for your marketing campaign.

If you have a PPC account currently, If you allow us to analyze it for you by requesting a PPC audit.

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Our PPC Management Services

PPC Strategy

In order to determine and analyze for best approach to PPC service, Our Team will analyze your industryl competitors. our team will develop a strategy to provide the best result as per your expactation.


Whether you have existing PPC campaigns or want to build new ones, we will use the PPC strategy to build them. This includes determining the right keywords, developing your ads and establishing a daily or monthly budget.


We don’t want you wasting your money on unnecessary keywords. That is why we have specialized techniques to ensure that you are covering the right keywords and avoiding the wrong ones.

Adcopy Writing

Your ad copy can affect your impressions and clicks. We ensure that each of your ads are focused on the keywords in that particular ad group and the landing pages on your website. Using the right ads and our analysis, we can be sure you are getting the right traffic and that lowest price.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions have become crucial to PPC campaigns. They help you stand out from your competitor and improve your ad copy. If you aren’t using ad extensions, you could miss out on some vital traffic.


Without analyzing your data, you might not get the right traffic or the best bang for your buck. That is why our PPC experts track and analyze all of the data and optimize your campaigns as they run.

PPC Optimization

Continuing to optimize your campaign can help you improve your click-through-rate. Our optimization techniques are made to continuously improve your campaign and ensure your success.


Our reports are created to provide insight into your PPC campaign. We pride our team on transparency and our result reports show the improvements on your campaigns and what we haveve done to assist ensure your success.

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At Shape Creation, we believe in long-term relationships with our clients. We want to create an extensive social media marketing plan that will ensure your success. We are excited to work with you and develop the best strategy for your business.

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